How can I get daily + monthly power consumption + Current Power with KWh as input?

Hi Community!

I am scrapping my power meter and sending the metrics to grafana cloud (prom).
The data is scrapped ones per minute and only contains the total power counter (i.e 45674.3 KWh)
I have the total power graph running.

Now I want to achive the following goals:

→ Stat Panel which shows me the power consumption on the selected time frame. For example if time range is “today” = last value - first value = i.e. 45.2KWh

→ Monthly power consumption. A bar graph which has 1 bar per day for the last 30 days. Each bar says how high the power consumption is per day.

→ Current Power Graph. Showing how many Watts the house is consuming. So to say the first derivative of the total graph.

I am used to InfluxDB queries. But i am new to prom. Google did not really help me. Could you point me to the right direction please?