Hour time range


I built a query that gets some information for a table and groups by the hour using date histogram. My problem with this is that I want only a specific time range to be displayed, like from 9am to 5pm. Currently it displays every hour in a day.

My elasticsearch time field has a standard format like “2018-11-20T23:03:08Z”

In Kibana I could do this just with a scripted field:

And in the lucene query I added a simple condition for this field if it is between.

Any way to do this with Grafana? I also tried to use the time range on the dashboard but what I want is basically display always TODAY but just between those hours.

Scripted field and lucene query is not supported.

You can change the time range to from=now/d+9h and to=now/d-7h.

thanks, it works perfectly!

how to write equivalent to date less than 90 days, i dont have range from / to Only date less than 90 days