Historic data for Stocks, Options, Crypto, Futures, Forex using Candlestick visualization

Happy Friday folks! Here is an easy way to use the candlestick visualization & Infinity datasource plugin to get historic data for Stocks, Options, Crypto, Futures, Forex…

  1. Create an account with https://www.marketdata.app/ (they also offer a few free things to test out)
  2. Install Infinity plugin
  3. Configure query as shown (AAPL stock price is the example)

where URL field is


and UQL is

| jsonata "($map($.t, function($v, $i, $a) {{'date': $fromMillis($v*1000),'opening':$.o[$i],'high':$.h[$i],'low': $.l[$i],'close': $.c[$i],'volume': $.v[$i]}}))"

and tweak a few of the settings on the right: