Having Issues since upgraded to ES 5.6

I recently updated our security dashboard Elasticsearch based version to latest 5.63 , since then we having issues in some of our visualization , i can see its related to “Fielddata is disabled on text fields” , any suggestion for fixing it, or another way to query same result?

Need to query keyword fields or change ES settings, if you Google this error you probably get relevant answers as this is a super common question

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Thanks query fixed

I’m also having issues on some graphs and our template variable after upgrading elasticsearch from 2.4.6 to 5.6.3, not with text fields… not wanting to steel this subject, so maybe I need to open a new (just let me know if so…)

I upgraded our ES clusters and verified that logstash 2.4 is still indexing data into 5.6.3 with kibana, but grafana 4.5.2 doesn’t show these new data but only data that were in ES cluster from before upgrading (up til approx 12:00 on 2017.10.26)

All hints are appreciated, TIA!