Has anyone got k6 browser tests running successfully via circleCI?

I’ve created some related threads attempting to debug issues with our setup e.g. example

However, over time, I have become more convinced there’s some inherent issue with either what circleCI is attempting to run the browser tests on or k6 browser implementation itself.

With this in mind, has anyone got k6 browser tests running via circleCI? If so, I’d appreciate further information on your setup if possible?

Hi @nicholaspshaw,

We’d like to help if you can provide us with an open-source repository where we can download and run a browser script locally against a sample HTML in CircleCI. We’ve tried running a script on CircleCI and it worked otherwise.


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Hi @inancgumus ,

can you share an open source repository with your solution that worked? As mentioned elsewhere, I got the 0.45.1 version working, the newer versions I still haven’t got working.

I’ll hopefully get back to this again soon.

Hi @nicholaspshaw,

Unfortunately, we’ve deleted the environment after we tried it.