groupByNodes Graphite function missing

groupByNodes (in plural, as opposed to groupByNode) graphite function does not show up in the query editor (please see image)

Is there a plan to add it?



I just noticed this issue too. It looks like it should have been addressed here – and made available from v4.5.0 ( Release Notes for Grafana v4.5.1 ) but I don’t see groupByNodes function in Grafana Cloud. What do I do wrong?

Thanks @valkillmoar. Actually see it is supported in v6.7.2.
I looked for the gfunc.js on my installation, and found it - it showed up.
See here:

For anyone who might have faced this issue when using Grafana Cloud, here is the relevant GitHub issue to track – .
There is a workaround to make groupByNodes function appear – you just need to select an older version of Graphite (1.0.x) and then switch back to Graphite 1.1.x, – the groupByNodes function will magically appear after that.