Group by (only) day in Grafana

I am trying to create a dashboard (in Grafana 7.3.5 with a Loki data source) that counts the occurrence of a specific log message pattern per day. I have got a table of all the relevant Timestamps (seen below) but can not figure out how to reduce the time from a YYYY-MM-dd hh-mm-ss format to a YYYY-MM-dd format.
So far I have a query which selects the pattern: {namespace="relevantNamespace"} |= "pattern"
and have “grouped by” the Time which counts the occurrences (as all timestamps are unique it is always 1).
Does anyone know how I can group the messages which are from the same day?
I have found some similar questions on the internet but none seems to work with the newer Grafana version.

enter image description here

is it possible to downgrade then ? grafana is also good in older versions.

Hello and thank you for the answer. I am running Grafana in the cloud based on an existing chart. So downgrading is not an option.

hello can you switch from cloud base to standalone ?

Not really as the purpose of the Grafana is to visualize resources in a Kubernetes cluster. These resources are collected by Prometheus and Loki and send on to Grafana.