GrafanaCloud in 5.0?



I am very happy with the release of Grafana 5.0, and as a user of GrafanaCloud, I would like to know when the migration to 5.0 will happen.




You should expect that to happen hopefully this week.



It will be a rolling upgrade so cannot answer for if or when your instance will be upgraded, but hopefully this week. If you’re on the paid tier just reach out to our support and we’ll assist you there with getting 5.0 now.




Any delay in the rolling update in 5.0 ?




We’ve delayed the rolling update of 5.0 because we want to wait for the 5.0.1 release and make sure that there are no major issues. The update will probably be rolled out during upcoming weeks.

But here’s a little trick just I learned. If you have any plugin updates you can go to your hosted grafana instance page (your profile -> hosted grafana instance -> settings) and you should be able to click on update plugins. If all your plugins are up to date you can instead install a new plugin. Either way will upgrade your instance to the latest stable version (5.0.1 as of writing). This usually takes a few minutes before upgrade is complete.



Thx a lot, it worked perfectly!