Grafana time zone display inconsistency bug


I’m using a recent “grafana-entreprise” docker image from docker hub, with influxDB datasources, and I have a strange display bug.

REPOSITORY                   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE
influxdb                     2.7       13eafb60d977   2 weeks ago   378MB
grafana/grafana-enterprise   latest    e52ba16e8c2e   5 weeks ago   416MB

I can also reproduce this blocking bug with latest 10.3.1 image :

REPOSITORY                   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE
grafana/grafana-enterprise   10.3.1    c67fc2633aa6   2 days ago    423MB
influxdb                     2.7       13eafb60d977   2 weeks ago   378MB

The time scale displayed in abscissa doesn’t match the displayed time when I hover my chart :

  • the time used in chart is the local time (UTC+01:00 [Europe/Paris]) (03:00:00 as u can see near the cursor)
  • the time used in abscissa is UTC time (02:00:00 as u can see on the abscissa time scale below the cursor)


How can I fix this and have both use local time ?

When I open the time range list box, in the upper right of my dashboard, I can see it’s supposed to use “France, CET” local time as expected :

I’ve also tried to set up general preferences in administration with no success.

P.S. : when I open the same chart in InfluxDB GUI, I can chose UTC or local time, and it instantly changes the chart, the range and the abscissa time scale.

P.P.S. : if I switch my dasbhoard settings to “UTC”, the abscissa scale doesn’t change, but the time shown when I hover the chart is now UTC I can see 02:00:00 above 00:02:00. For me this can only be a bug and a blocking one for the supervision feature we intend to implement using Grafana : the abscissa and the displayed hover time must use the same settings in all cases.

I’ve just found there is an additionnal different setting in the “axis” category, which doesn’t make sense :

The axis time zone should always be the same as the dashboard time zone, just like in InfluxDB GUI.

Did that additional setting fix the problem? I have to admit it was baffling.

It does fix the display inconsistency, but it’s still a bug to have this setting available which can desynchronize with the dashboard time zone setting.

Actually, this Grafana version allows to display multiple time zones in abscissa, which is nice, but the default time zone for abscissa should still be synchronized with the dashboard time zone when there is only one imo.


I have updated this bug report created one year ago : Timeseries x axis is UTC regardless of timezone selections · Issue #42684 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

I still think this needs a fix.