Grafana reports

Hi all,
When going to grafana dashboard, i get this:
|Avg Response - globalDashboard (right y-axis)|182 ms|220 ms|283 ms|182 ms|
|Avg Response - globalDashboard (right y-axis)|65.3 ms|150 ms|460 ms|141 ms|
|Avg Response - globalDashboard (right y-axis)|65.7 ms|123 ms|302 ms|166 ms|
|Active VUs|1|4.54|9|1|

Why do i have multiple (Avg Response - globalDashboard (right y-axis)). How can i combine them?


Hi @nicoskk

Welcome to the community forum :wave:

We would need a bit more context to help out.

  • What k6 version are you using, what Grafana dashboard and version (the official dashboard?), and what output (Prometheus or others?).
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Grafana dashboard? It might help us understand where you see the repeated metrics.

There are many options and it’s difficult to tell what is happening without more context.