Grafana Loki in .Net framwork 4.7.2


I am already using this library “GitHub - josephwoodward/Serilog-Sinks-Loki: A Serilog Sink for Loki, Grafana's new Prometheus inspired log aggregator” in my .net core projects and it works. it sends logs to loki which can be shown in grafana.

But I want to use the same way in other project which is .net framwork 4.7.2, But the same library doesn’t work. So I tried another library “GitHub - serilog-contrib/serilog-sinks-grafana-loki: A Serilog sink sending log events to Grafana Loki” but logs doesn’t send to loki either.

Do I do something wrong in the implemntation or loki is not supported in .net framwork 4.7.2