Grafana-image-renderer &timeout option

t=2021-01-28T14:08:01+0100 lvl=info msg="New state change" logger=alerting.resultHandler ruleId=1 newState=alerting prev state=pending
t=2021-01-28T14:08:01+0100 lvl=info msg=Rendering logger=rendering renderer=plugin path="d-solo/2Gucvtzgk/ping?orgId=1&panelId=2"
t=2021-01-28T14:08:16+0100 lvl=info msg="Rendering timed out" logger=rendering renderer=plugin
t=2021-01-28T14:08:17+0100 lvl=eror msg="Failed to render and upload alert panel image." logger=alerting.notifier ruleId=1 error="Timeout error. You can set timeout in seconds with &timeout url parameter"

An alert what I try to use with the grafana-image-renderer times out. I cannot find any place where it would be documented the place where the timeout url parameter should be set or where it is getting the 15 seconds timeout value at all.

Can someone help me identify the correct location to change this timeout value?


It is written on the URL, please check this post :

Hope it helps.

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Hi thanks for the reply.

It is completely different story. It is an alert and not a direct URL. I cannot find any place to define it during setting up the alert on the WEB UI.

Otherwise the issue with the timeout value was there that the 9999999 was multiplied by 1000 to get in ms, that resulted in 9999999000 what was translated to an exponential value.

I believe this is your link mentions.

Otherwise I have just found out that changing the default value of notification_timeout_seconds 30 (defaults.ini) to 60 in the grafana.ini fixes my issue:

enabled = true
notification_timeout_seconds = 60

But it still doesn’t explains where it is getting the 15 seconds limit.

Some related issue maybe:

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I see, maybe the default is 15s on the version you are using.

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Running the latest version of Grafana and compiled the latest version of the grafana-image-renderer as well.

defaults.ini has 30 for notification_timeout_seconds

It doesn’t make any sense at all…