Grafana and Salesforce

So I’ve absorbed as much of this information as I can. Trying to catch up on Grafana and how it’s used (coming from a completely “on-prem” world). I wanted to start building dashboards based off our sandboxed SFDC org. I’m not seeing any good examples of system events you can track. Sales and Leads I can totally understand. Has anyone stood up Grafana Online as has actual system log data? How did you get the logs from SFDC to Loki without an agent?

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Where are the SF logs stored at. Loki is pretty straightforward, tech agnostic. As long as you tell it where the logs are it just should work out the box

The SF logs are stored on SF. I don’t know of a way to tell Loki to pull that data, everything I have read discusses a Loki Agent “to push” the data to Loki.

if you don’t want to install any agents, I guess you would have to install loki on the SF server and point it to the logs folder

How can I install an agent on Salesforce?

Is it on prem or cloud version of sf