Grafana alerts for Elasticsearch

+1 for ES alerting. It would be super helpful!

+1. I also need alerting of grafana on elasticsearch.


I know it will be done when it will be done… Still just casting my vote!

+1 for my vote …
Waiting for that

+1 for my vote …very necessary

Waiting for that

+1 for ES alterting. Wait for long time

Sorry - bad news. It got pushed back in the planning:

Waiting for over year and looks like we’ll wait for next year…:frowning:

Oh no! Too bad that it got pushed back.
+1 anyhow!

Just adding my +1, for prioritization efforts.

+1 for elasticsearch alerting. waiting for this feature

Another vote for pushing it up :wink:

We are working on it now and it will be released in Grafana 5.2.


hello,when will you release Grafana 5.2?

It is the next release of Grafana - so we will be releasing a beta in June.


Hello, note that they removed from the plan of version 5.2. Someone could estimate when it might be available?
Thank you.

It’s still planned for 5.2

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its a good news!!

This is released now: Release Notes v5.2.x

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