Grafana-agent enable cloudwatch_exporter

Hi all
I have installed grafana-agent in static mode in my EKS cluster. I need screape metrics from AWS CloudWatch andb push it into Prometheus. I use a simple config for grafana-agent to enable cloudwatch_exporter .

        enabled: true
        role_arn: ['arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/grafana-integration']
        region: ['us-east-1']
  But in logs I see errors:

level=error msg=“failed to reload config file” err=“error loading config file /etc/agent/agent.yaml: failed to unmarshal integration "cloudwatch_exporter": yaml: unmarshal errors:\n line 2: field role_arn not found\n line 4: field region not found”

Could you please provide me with configuration examples for this exporter? Thanks

Yep. Thanks. I have this link… but looks like I do something wrong