Grafana 9.2.3 alert feature: How to export / import alerts as yml/json?


Is it possible to export all alerts of the Grafana 9.2.3 alerts to a json or yml file like all the other dashboards and datasources (and use it later in the provision process)?
I tried using grafana api, but it’s not returning anything.

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Could youbpleqse show us what you did?

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I’ve tried to list alerts using below grafana api but it’s returning

curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer api_token -X GET “https://URI/api/alerts

hi @faizanshah

to export all alert rules in provisioning file format,

try :

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Hi there,

I wonder if there is also a way (Grafana 9.4) to import alerts as json.
In a same fashion as it is possible with provisioning for dashboards.

Any recommendations?


Have you checked