Grafana 10.4.0 alerts, Elasticsearch, frame cannot uniquely be identified by its labels

With a recently upgraded Grafana from 9.2.5 to v10.4.0 (03f502a94d), I’m seeing DatasourceErrors:

invalid format of evaluation results for the alert definition : frame cannot uniquely be identified by its labels: has duplicate results with labels {}

The datasource I’m using is Elasticsearch 7.17. The alert was created from a panel with one query like this:

In the alert editor, the state looks like it should—two series Normal, two series Firing. However, it is odd that the legend shows the sensorName fields twice. For example, it should show just “JP1F” and not “JP1F JP1F”. I’m also not sure, but “Series 1” etc. should probably show the sensorName labels. Could this be related to the lack of labels the DatasourceError mentions?

After saving this alert, the first time it is evaluated, there is DatasourceError with the above error message.

Is there something we need to set differently in the alert rule, or is there a bug in Grafana somewhere? I’d like to help track it down, so just let me know if any additional information would help.


It looks like PR#84485 might have a fix for this issue.

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