Getting datetime range in alert message template

Hello, I am trying to create a message template that on alert in Slack, will allow the user to click and see the dashboard focused on the relevant datetime range. However it seems like I do not have time.ParseDuration function available to create a Duration to add to the Time, I can only convert the template data’s StartsAt to a unixMilli

my current template

{{ if gt (len .DashboardURL ) 0 }}Go to dashboard: {{ .DashboardURL }}/engine-backend?from={{ print  .StartsAt.UnixMilli.Add (time.ParseDuration "-1h") }}&to={{ print  .StartsAt.UnixMilli }}{{ end }}

I’ve only started working with Go templates for this, have no previous experience with Go.
Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Found a solution, just need time.window variable as described in Manage dashboard links | Grafana documentation