Getting error : ERRO[0021] GoError: The moduleSpecifier "" couldn't be retrieved from the resolved url ""

Hi ,

I am getting below error whenever I try to run test case

" ERRO[0021] GoError: The moduleSpecifier “K6 Load Test: <%= title %>” couldn’t be retrieved from the resolved url “K6 Load Test: <%= title %>”.

Hi @kanikas8080

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I imagine you are trying to run GitHub - benc-uk/k6-reporter: Output K6 test run results as formatted & easy to read HTML reports.

Based on the error, you could be running the script on a laptop or server that cannot download the bundle K6 Load Test: <%= title %>.

Do you have access to K6 Load Test: <%= title %> from the workstation running the k6 test?

Try something like curl to check if it can reach the file.

You can always download the file locally and import it locally, as a workaround, if that is the issue.