Generating Dashboard link - Is there a grafana API to capture the timings of "from" and "to"

Hello all,

Could anyone advise on this approach if its possible via any of the grafana api’s.

Here is my use case assuming all my load test metrics are being sent to Grafana dashboards. Everytime once the load test is finished we wanted to generate the dynamic grafana dashboard link with different start and end time based on the test duration.

ver : Grafana v3.1.1

  1. Run the load test for the particular time period ( Lets say 5 - 6 PM , however this timings may change every day based on the different timings where we run the test)
  2. Once I finish the load test I wanted to generate the grafana dashboard link with the custom “from” and “to” based on that test duration
  3. So I would like to know if there is any API available to capture the timings which I can call before and after the test . That way I can just replace the below timings with the captured time