Generating and embedding query in tableLink

I am trying to generate and embed a Tempo query in Grafana alert. Unfortunately Labels and annotations docs aren’t very helpful proiding very basic dry examples. So far I did manage to construct a basic link taking me to Tempo Explore UI in Grafana, but when I am adding more to the query then I am getting nothing.

Here is my piece of Terraform code:

resource "grafana_rule_group" "prometheus_response_time_metrics_rule_group" {
  for_each         = var.deployment_name
  name             = join(" ", ["Service endpoint response high for", each.value["deployment_name"]])
  folder_uid       = grafana_folder.prometheus_rule_folder.uid
  interval_seconds = 300
  org_id           = 1
  rule {
    name           = join(" ", ["Service response time high for:", each.value["deployment_name"]])
    for            = "5m"
    condition      = "C"
    no_data_state  = "OK"
    exec_err_state = "Alerting"
    annotations = {
      __dashboardUid__ = grafana_dashboard.prometheus_otel_response_time.uid
      __panelId__      = "1"
      "description" = "{{ with $values }} The P75 response time is higher than 6.4 secs. for last 15 minutes, current response time is: {{ humanizeDuration $values.B.Value }} {{ end }}"
      "traces" = <<EOT
${var.grafana_url}{{ tableLink "{\"expr\": \"up\", \"datasource\": \"Tempo\", \"queryType\": \"traceql\", \"query\": \"{kind=server &&\\\"$labels.service\\\" && name=\\\"$labels.span_name\\\" && duration>6s}\"}" }}
    labels = {
      "alert_label" = "outages"

Here is the TraceQL query I’d like to embed in the Slack alert:

{kind=server &&"service_name" && name="span_name" && duration>6s}


Is there anywhere a more detailed documentation with various examples?