General Errors when trying to use Elasticsearch

I keep getting the below in various ways. I am using the latest ES (7.6.2) with the latest Grafana (6.7.3). I keep getting " ## An unexpected error happened TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined" with lots of them grabage after. Any idea how to improve the stability. A lot of panel plugins do this as well. Is elasticsearch just not that well supported? I was trying to demo something to my group using an included grafana panel and it bugged out like this too.

So I got the same thing when using the polystat with InfluxDB now. I moved the entire setup off of Elasticsearch and into InfluxDB to avoid this and when I switch the format as option to table, it barfs the same way. Is anyone else seeing this? I will file a bug on their gitbub page but I was hoping the community could at least let me know I wasn’t going crazy with what I am seeing. The only good thing is it doesn’t do this as easily. Is this really only rock solid with Prometheus? Are all of these panels tested with different databases?

I think you could set the proper metric, as I experienced, it’s because the multiple metric value not supported by the panel. The general panel is Graph, if the result shown in the graph, the system is fine, just the panel not supported the metric that you build.

Tips, if you have multiple value in the metric, hide all first, then try to unhide one by one, then you will find the problem is.
Don’t forget to save the all hide metric first…

Fadjar T

I am just using one query at the moment using their built in tool. Are you just using the “text edit mode”? It shouldn’t bug out that quickly or it doesn’t become that usable.

Just use standard mode to fill the panel.

BTW, what is your panel that you used? Multistat or Stat? What do you want to achieve?

It happens on all panels before I even get to select a panel. I see a lot of people having problems with these undefined errors. It happens more with ES than InfluxDB by far. At this point, I moved to InfluxDB. I might come back to ES for more log than metric associated data in the future.