Gadget complex Query Flaco Security Dashboard

Hi Guys!

I am trying to get to have this Gadget. To review Falco’s alerts, in Grafana.

I’m going to show you my log, so you have an idea and then the query I try to achieve that Top 5.



  "hostname": "falco-jxzcl",
  "output": "13:56:06.134216517: Notice A shell was spawned in a container with an attached terminal (evt_type=execve user=root user_uid=0 user_loginuid=-1 process=sh proc_exepath=/bin/busybox parent=runc command=sh -c clear; (bash || ash || sh) terminal=34818 exe_flags=EXE_WRITABLE container_id=0cea27665719 container_image=<NA> container_image_tag=<NA> container_name=<NA> k8s_ns=app-dominio k8s_pod_name=app-dominio-66d845bf8f-xkvjz)",
  "priority": "Notice",
  "rule": "Terminal shell in container",
  "source": "syscall",
  "tags": [
  "time": "2023-10-19T13:56:06.134216517Z",
  "output_fields": {
    "": "0cea27665719",
    "container.image.repository": null,
    "container.image.tag": null,
    "": null,
    "evt.arg.flags": "EXE_WRITABLE",
    "evt.time": 1697723766134216400,
    "evt.type": "execve",
    "": "app-dominio",
    "": "app-dominio-66d845bf8f-xkvjz",
    "proc.cmdline": "sh -c clear; (bash || ash || sh)",
    "proc.exepath": "/bin/busybox",
    "": "sh",
    "proc.pname": "runc",
    "proc.tty": 34818,
    "user.loginuid": -1,
    "": "root",
    "user.uid": 0


topk(5, sum by (output_fields_k8s_pod_name) (count_over_time({namespace=falco} | json | priority=$priority, output_fields_k8s_pod_name!="", output_fields_k8s_ns_name!="" [$__range])))

Any opinions? The idea is to draw, as I show in the image, a Top 5 of the PODs with more rule violations.


Like allways, thanks!

I think i am closer, but i can not group by pod name.

topk(5, sum by (output_fields_k8s_pod_name) (count_over_time({namespace="falco"} | json | priority!="" , output_fields_k8s_pod_name!="" , output_fields_k8s_ns_name="app-dominio" [$__range])))

But this is the table result:

I am lost… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi Santi, I think you are looking for this:

sum by (output_fields_k8s_pod_name,rule) (count_over_time({namespace=falco} | json | priority=$priority [$__range]))

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