Free and Total space disk with threshold, how to use color?

Hi, we are using grafana 8.06 with a zabbix 5.
I have a panel with my datastore disk, from vcenter (template discover datastore)
i can see the free space ( i needed to create a new element in zabbix to see the number instead of percentage), and the total disk of the datastore.

I created a panel, with 2 query, one for the free space, and one for the total space.

But now i would like to use threshold with color on the total ( in white color for exemple) and for the free space, i would like to have in green for half free space, orange for third of the space, and red for tenth of the space.
But the color of the field which indicate the free space, dont change.

So how can i do it? i searched everywere, but for the moment i didn’t find a solution.


If I understand your problem correctly, I believe you would need to have separate queries to calculate half free space (0.5 * free_space), one third free space (0.33 * free_space), etc. and then assign colors (not thresholds) to each query.

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes, but i tried with one panel with 2 query, one which show the free space and one show the total space of the disk.
i put in max threashold = total space, and i made color compare to max.

I will try to pu a panel with one query for each and see if it’s better.

hi, i tried but i cant manage to use the color :

do you have any other idea?

Hi, does someone have an idea how to use color with space disk and gauge ?