Format date field in Data links


I have a bar chart with date in Axis and number in Y from SQL query.
The display is exactly as expected (I use a Transform to adapt the format of the date displayed in the chart).
I’m trying to add a data link to open a new tab to the tool providing the information with a date filter. The filter is expecting : year:2024,month:7,day:9
I’m looking if there is a way to format the date in the URL from field in just number of the day ?
I tried : ${} but it’s not working…

Any idea (if it’s possible) ?

Try to split your date into 3 columns by your datasource capabilities and use something like
year:${__data.fields["YearField"]},month:${__data.fields["MonthField"]},day:${__data.fields["DayField"]} in data link

Or prepare required format instantaneously in one column, again by datasource capabilities

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Thank you for your reply.
Your solution works perfectly, I have added a new column with the required format and I can use it directly in the Data link.