Extract value from transformed column in group by

Hi, I have an instant query that returns some data from Prometheus and I want to visualize this as a bar chart in Grafana. The data looks like this:

timeout=a, browser=chrome, value=1
timeout=b, browser=chrome, value=2
timeout=a, browser=safari, value=4
timeout=b, browser=safari, value=2

It measures the value for each combination of browser and timeout.

I want to display this data in a bar chart (with a bar per browser) and to have timeout on the x-axis and value on the y-axis.

If I apply group by transformation on timeout field and apply calculate (all unique values) on the browser field, I get a table like this

| timeout | browser(uniqueValues)
| a       |  [“chrome”, “safari”]
| b       |  [“chrome”, “safari”]

I can then apply extract fields transformation on browser(uniqueValues) and I get:

| timeout | browser(uniqueValues) | chrome | safari
| a       |  [“chrome”, “safari”] | chrome | safari
| b       |  [“chrome”, “safari”] | chrome | safari

How do I get the actual value of chrome and safari? What I expect is

| timeout | browser(uniqueValues) | chrome | safari
| a       |  [“chrome”, “safari”] | 1      | 4
| b       |  [“chrome”, “safari”] | 2      | 2

Is there a better way to do this?