Embedding an Entire Dashboard into Sharepoint

Hey everyone,
First Post here. I’ve been running our company’s Grafana Instance for some time now and never had any Problems with it.
Now i’ve hit a roadblock though. We recently made our Instance available online for our employees. With that i’ve gotten the request to embed Dashboards into our Sharepoint (Hosted at MS).

I’ve spent the past 3 hours trying to figure this out, but nothing works except allow Anonymous Access, which is not a solution. That’s not allowed through company pollicy.

What i’ve gathered is that i have basically two options of authentication. User:Password or API-Key. I’m not sure yet if an API Key should work for authentication in this case though.
Starting simple with a single Panel from a Dasboard, i tried the Embed option from Grafana and pasted the iframe code to sharepoint. No bueno. I’m getting the login page. Loging in doesn’t work there either.
Providing either Username and Password or the API Key get’s me a blank Page in Chrome and the Login Page in Firefox.

Enabling Anonymous Access does work and i was able to Embed a Dashboard into a sharepoint site, but as said, that’s not the way i’d like to go.
Is there any way to have a Dashboard or Panel Embedded in an iFrame in Sharepoint with some means of authentication?

I’d highly appreciate any feedback on the matter. If you need more Information, i’d be happy to provide what ever is needed.

Hi Dominik,

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of doing this at the moment.

This post from two years ago is still relevant.

For more information, check out this issue.