Email alerts setup in Sexigraf

hello everyone
i am new to grafana/sexigraf and i would like to configure email alerts but i can’t. Here what I have done so far:

Sexigraf on premise (vmware virtual appliance; grafana v8.5.9; sexigraf v0.99j1)

Setup grafana.ini SMTP as following:

enabled = true
host =
user =

If the password contains # or ; you have to wrap it with triple quotes. Ex “”“#password;”“”

password = ********
;cert_file =
;key_file =
skip_verify = true
from_address =
from_name = Grafana

EHLO identity in SMTP dialog (defaults to instance_name)

;ehlo_identity =

SMTP startTLS policy (defaults to ‘OpportunisticStartTLS’)

;startTLS_policy = NoStartTLS

Restart grafana-server. In /var/log/grafana/grafana.log there are no messages related to alerts/smtp.

For me it’s too complex to create alert rules and also I don’t know if I’m missing some key step for complete and correct configuration.

If someone could help me with a step-by-step guide it would be very helpful to me.
Thanks in advance
Best regards