Dynamic sql server data source on the same dashboard

Hi all!
I’m on Grafana 9.15 and I try to achieve if possibile a dynamic sql server connection (as data source). I would like to have a combo box (a variable with some custom values) for dinamicall change my data suorce.

I don’t know if is possibile… 'cause I don’t see any variable in the data source definition panel for SQL SERVER.

Would I like to get a dynamic change of the connection to the db? Is this possible?
Or do I necessarily have to create “X” data sources to SQL SERVER and then duplicate my dashboard by changing the connection in the panels?

How can I resolve this resource change without having to duplicate my dashboard? I would like it to be handled as a string by my selection menu (a variable) I don’t quite understand the purpose of “data source” type variables.



Have you at linked sql server option? Then all you need is one connection?

another option is synonyms

I know what’s a synonyms in SQL… it isn’t the solution that I need is not correct use linked server or synonyms for this problem…

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might be doable via

in my case I only have 1 sql server data source added with the name mssql

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YES! This could be my case!!! Tomorrow I will try your tip.
Thanks in advice, ALEN

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