Dynamic data in test (not that kind dynamic as the docs say)

I need to load all instances of a service.
The service instance pool may scale up or remove some unhealfy instances during the load.
If I will query our service inventory it will go down with the rate of some load testing we used to have.
In Jmeter I can simply update csv file with the list of the service instances on all load generators and I’m good.
How can I do this in k6?

Hi @edoronin, welcome to the community forum!

In this particular case this seems like a thing that DNS should solve. Your system should when dropping unhealthy systems also stop directing traffic to them - likely through no longer returning them in DNS responses.

K6 has a bit of problems in this area, but you can configure DNS TTL for it to be low enough that it will go get a new request. I guess you can even go with 0, although I would not recommend that as that is likely really bad. I would recommend going with w/e the value is in your actual DNS configuration until k6 starts actually reading that from the DNS response.

Hope this helps you.

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