Does Tempo support OpenTracing? Does it integrate well with Elastic APM agents?

I need to configure tracing for a Ruby webapp on a on-prem Kubernetes cluster. I want to use the following project to do so: GitHub - elastic/apm-agent-ruby: Elastic APM agent for Ruby . I’d like to know if that Elastic APM agent integrates well with Grafana Tempo.

I’m also open to other sugestions on how to monitor that Ruby app with Tempo. I’ve looked at the OpenTelemetry Ruby support, but it takes too much Ruby code to get it up and running. At least, OpenTelemetry is almost vendor-agnostic.

Tempo Supports OpenTelemetry(recommended), Jaeger, OpenTracing, and Zipkin as ingestion format.

we recommend using OpenTelemetry, please see docs for more details


Thanks so much! I’ll probably end up using Beyla as it supports OpenTelemetry and automatic instrumentation.

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