Does K6 Support Post Request with Chunked Encoding

Does K6 Support Send POST request with Chunked Encoding, If Yes please let me know how to configure chunked encoding in K6 as I couldn’t find any help links.


unfortunately, chunked encoding is currently not supported in k6.

For requests this shouldn’t be a big problem as the body size is typically known in advance, but for responses I think we’ll need async / event loops to support the streaming use case. You can follow this issue for updates.

Edit: to clarify, responses with Transfer-Encoding: chunked are supported in the sense that k6 will correctly read them, but the JS HTTP request call will be blocked until all chunks arrive, which is not very useful if you need to read each chunk individually. The header in requests will be ignored right now, so that’s not supported, though I’m curious about the use case for it.