Does k6 support "Client & Server Streaming" RPCs service method in gRPC?

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In “Getting started” section it’s mentioned as “In this early release, we’ve settled for providing a solid experience for unary calls

Note : Only unary RPCs are currently supported, i.e. there is no support for client, server or bidirectional streaming.

My application uses Client & Server Streaming RPCs service method.

So question is Does k6 support “Client & Server Streaming” RPCs service method of gRPC ?
Can you share any tutorial, reference link on how to use this, it would be helpful


Hi @shailendrakumaromkar !

As mentioned in the docs, the current version of the k6 doesn’t support client & server streaming.

However, there is an open issue on Github where you could track the status of bringing this functionality to the k6.

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