Does handleSummary works when running k6 in distributed mode?

Actually I’m using k6 Operator to distribute the workload across k8s nodes. It’s not clear from the documentation if the handleSummary function will be executed only once - in case running in a distributed mode - or per VU. If so, any plans to support this kind of feature? It’s important for example to notify a slack channel at the end of the test.

Hi @bbarin,
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handleSummary will be executed on each pod started by k6-operator unless you switch it off with --no-summary. However, please keep in mind that each of those summaries will be specific for the part done by that pod, not for the whole test run. Additionally, summaries in k6 are meant to be read in stdout and not as a way to send out notifications :disappointed:

The problem you described is a bit more broad and would likely require additional enhancements of k6-operator. Could you check this issue: Add notification support · Issue #2 · grafana/k6-operator · GitHub and confirm whether it’d be sufficient for your use case? The specifics of implementation of that issue can change but at the moment, it is an open issue closest to what you describe. Please feel free to add details of your use case there or open a new issue if your case is different.

Also, I wonder, have you tried using k6 thresholds? They are not sending notifications right now but do you think they’d make sense as a basis for notifications in your use case? E.g. send out notification if there is a failed threshold, etc.

@olha would be great to have this feature. Would be great to specify an image to be executed at the end of the test. in my case I just need a hook at the end of the test to notify about the statistics of the test. i.e: number of placed orders, peak time of placed orders, comparison with the test which had a peak performance… But all this data I get from my backend, so having this flexibility would help a lot.

@bbarin, noted, thanks!