Docker image k6

Dear Grafana team,

I have following Dockerfile

FROM grafana/k6:latest
COPY . .
CMD ["run", "--out", "json=/app/my_test_result.json", "script.js"]
VOLUME ${PWD}:/app

When I run

docker run -it --rm \   
    -v ${PWD}:/scripts \
    -v ${PWD}:/jsonoutput \
    grafana/k6 run --out json=/jsonoutput/test_result.json /scripts/script.js

as a result I receive an output file

However when I run

docker run apmk6:latest

I do not see any file

Is it possible to achieve such result?

Thank you!

I figured it out. Sorry for disturbing you

Host volume cannot be set in Dokerfile it is possible to set it only when you create or run docker container