Deploying k6 operator into your cluster

I am currently trying to find a way to deploy the k6 operator into our cluster via octopus or any CI tooling and i’m struggling to do so as there is no helm chart to use for this purpose. Has anyone come across this before or have any recommendations? The offical guide states you just need to clone the repo and run the make command which i have on my machine but like i said i need it in CI. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @msaad,
Sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum :tada:

No, sadly, we don’t have anything like that out-of-the-box yet :disappointed: We have a PR for helm support over here which hopefully, will soon be reviewed and merged. Of course, you’re welcome to try out the branch from that PR beforehand as well.

Could you please elaborate on what kind of functionality you seek for your CI or create a Github issue for that? For example, I’ve been wondering if k6-operator should have more documentation about how to use it with operator-sdk: would that help? Or if it’s something specific to CI pipeline, then how should that solution look like to fit your use case? That kind of info could help immensely to resolve such issues :slightly_smiling_face:

ah interesting i wasn’t aware of the open PR, so my plan to deploy the k6-operator into our cluster was to basically create an octopus job that runs a bash script that runs make deploy after cloning the k6 operator repo using an existing image running inside a container on a worker. So yes a helm chart would would save me from doing all this.

I see, thanks for the reply. Yes, it certainly sounds that finalizing work on helm support would be a solution. Please subscribe to that PR / issue (or repo) to get updates on that front!