DatasourceNoData after update of Grafana

Goodmorning to all.
I’m totally new to Grafana and I’ve inherited and installation on a VM.
The version of Grafana was quite old 9.5.2 but was working fine after updating (via apt) to 11.1.0
Everythings is working fine but every 4 hours I get an email with the subject
"[FIRING:1] DatasourceNoData " followed by the name of the panel and an uid “A Ping (Exit Status))”
The emails are fired for each panel and every 4 hours.

During the update I made sure to NOT update the configuration to the developer edition (or something similar, I just keept my configuration).

I’ve really no idea…I have a snapshot of the VM running Grafana so I can revert back to the old version but I would like to stay on 11.1.0

If someone can guide me to solve the problem, I would really appreciate!

Many thanks


PS: My fault to updata something I didn’t know anything about

I think you have Alert rules that are attached to a panel. The query of an alert rule almost always matches the query of the panel unless someone changes one but not another.

Grafana evaluates those rules regularly, and when the query does not return any data, the default behavior is to send a special alert DatasourceNoData.

If you want to stop getting these alerts but keep evaluating rules, then update every rule and change how to treat no-data situations. Learn more Separate alert-rules instead of instances of one alert rule?