DataDog Dashboard


I’m integrating our tests into k6 for dashboarding. I’m doing this via custom-resource yaml files that represent my tests. These get uploaded to our kubernetes cluster where the DataDog agent runs.

My question is this, what do I need to add to my custom-resource in order to get data to display in DataDog regarding:

  1. The name of the test that ran (the test file name would be fine)
  2. Information about the load executed. Currently I write this data into the test file itself via Options but I’m open to doing it as CLI args if that would make it easier.

If you look at the image below, I get the information about avg tps and data sent ect… but I don’t have metadata context about what was run. That’s what points 1 and 2 are about.

Thank you

Hi @oliver.brancov, sorry for the slow reply :frowning:

I don’t think k6 does support this. I am also not familiar enough with datadog to know how that data can be pushed and in what form.

If you can expand on how this information can be given to datadog we likely can figure something out. Likely by pushing that info as HTTP call in setup, teardown or handleSummary.