Data from local database is not available for queries when remote storage is also configured

We have an installation that previously used boltdb-shipper with local filesystem as a storage. We upgraded it to a new version that now uses boltdb-sipper that sends logs to AWS S3.
I would like to make older logs available for Grafana queries. The new installation works as expected the logs are stored and we can query logs that are stored in S3.

To attach the old data I have configured data schema that refers both old and new storage. Loki does not seem to complain but when I query old data range the results are always empty. The schema configuration was made after the migration so I would accept that some logs of hours during transition may not be available.

Some random inspection of chunks and index segments do shows that they still contain the necessary data. I experimented with a sample of the old data (chunks and indexes) copied to another host and launched loki with the same data schema config to read it. In this case the queries do return old data without issues. So I am 100% confident that the old data is usable.

Is this possible to to have boltdb-shipper to read the data both in local filesystem and remote storage? If so did I miss something in this configuration? Here I have 2 ranges for data schema for old and new data (I excluded config parts that do not seem to be relevant)

  - from: "2022-01-01"
      period: 24h
      prefix: index_
    object_store: filesystem
    schema: v11
    store: boltdb-shipper
  - from: "2023-03-22"
      period: 24h
      prefix: index_
    object_store: s3
    schema: v12
    store: boltdb-shipper
    bucketnames: a-lovely-bucket
    s3: s3://lovely-aws-region
    active_index_directory: /data/loki/boltdb-shipper-active
    cache_location: /data/loki/boltdb-shipper-cache
    cache_ttl: 24h
    directory: /data/loki/chunks
  retention_deletes_enabled: false

On another take, if the above is not possible maybe there are other setups, like having 2 separate loki instances that are both configured as data sources in Grafana?