Dashboards from kubernetes volume


I can’t seem to mount a kubernetes volume when installing via helm to serve dashboards.
There seem to be some posts about uploading a configmap with the json, but all I want is to mount a volume and being able to save and load dashboards and have them saved even if I delete the helm.

Hi. Any news on that issue?

I am trying the same, kind of. I want new dashboards to ve stored persistent on a volume. But without success.
I managed to mount sime volumes and serve dashboards from there. But newly created ones are not beeing persisted when the pod restarts.

No new information on this. I would have thought this would have been a common issue. Makes me think I’m missing something obvious and thinking about this completely wrong?

Hi @androidmarvin

By default the grafana-helm-charts have persistent storage disabled. You need to enable it manually to save your data.

To do this, simply download the values.yaml file and change this line from false to true and do a helm upgrade by also specificying the values.yaml file