Dashboard asking me to save on every login to Dashboard


Every time I enter the Linux Dashboard it asks me to save whenever I want to exit. Screenshot of the changes section:

Grafana version: 9.3.2
InfluxDB & Linux Monitor dashboard

Hi @talhazzers,

Thanks for opening this post.

I haven’t yet encountered such an issue yet so will try to help in narrowing down it.

Does it happen for one specific dashboard or for all dashboards?

If it is related to a particular Dashboard then was that Dashboard already existed when you updated your Grafana server version (e.g. from ver 8.x to 9.x)?

Is anything interesting in the logs (the default location in Linux is /var/log/grafana/grafana.log) when this behaviour occurs?

It only happens in the linux dashboard.
I’m new to Grafana and just got the latest version. I did not upgrade.
There is no problem in the logs.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you share the Dashboard with us (either send us the link if you have downloaded it) or export it as JSON.

Hi @talhazzers,

Thanks for the link.

Well, I was not able to use this Dashboard on my test machine at all. The reason is that there is a lot of version mismatch (not just Grafana but Influx + Telegraf).

I noticed that the owner of this Dashboard last updated in 2019 and at that time was using the following versions.


While I have the more latest version of them.

In your case, it still somehow works but with that “save every time notice” message and very unfortunately the owner did not provide a link to report the bug (as it is not maintained by us but by a community user).

So the suggestion would be to use some other Telegraf Dashboard which is still maintained by the user
Create a new Dashboard from your current one by mocking up the data (might work).

I hope this helps.

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Today I got the same problem on different dashboard.