Current daily log size in MB ( bytes_over_time)

I’m trying to calculate a gauge displaying the cumulative log weight in MB since Today ingested from loki. I saw the metrics bytes_over_time but I don’t know if this is correct:

sum by (job) (bytes_over_time({job=“stage-aws-ubipush-apm”}[$__interval]) / 1000000)

where interval is set to “Today”

Result here:

I can see 80MB and 238MB inside gauge but I don’t know what they represent exactly.



Do you have any threshold set ?

Good Luck

There was a threshold (80) that can be set both as Absoloute or percentange that I removed and the max thresholds actually overlaps the max value of the metric that is what I would like to see. I choosed to see always max in this case

I don’t know why when seeing dashboard the value says 666 MB

Is it ok my assumption that $__interval relfect the dynamic time range choosen inside GUI (Today in this case?)