Could a Grafana plugin support write requests?

I’m using Grafana to monitor some automation systems. I’ve been using it for years in many different types of applications and I’m very content with it: easy to setup, easy to configure, easy for end users to monitor, and nice visual design.

However, for my current application, I need a few input fields: some numeric input, some toggle, perhaps some sliders. They should reflect key values in Redis.

I’ve seen a few similar requests, and the general answer is that Grafana is a pure monitoring tool, and Node-RED dashboard is often recommended as an alternative. However, I’m not at all as content with Node-RED dashboard as I am with Grafana, except for this single feature. And I don’t really see why Grafana could not support simple writes like this? Would it be possible to write a plugin to do it? As I’ve searched and not found any, I’m guessing it’s not as easy as I think.


Like you say, writing data back to a data source is not what Grafana was originally designed to do. That being said, it’s possible.

If you build a backend data source with a resource handler that that accepts write operations, you could either build a custom control panel plugin, or find a panel plugin that lets you make requests to arbitrary endpoints.

To start with, you probably want to read the post on How to add a resource handler for your data source.

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