Convert string to timestamp in a dashboard with Postgresql data source

I am using Grafana version six and I want to have a dashboard with a PostgreSQL data source in which I need to convert a column whose type is a string (such as 2023-03-08 13:16:32) to time and date. For this purpose, I used the following command, but I am facing the following error:
“Error: pq: operator does not exist: timestamp with time zone = character varying”

I also used other functions such as “CAST(updated_at AS timestamp)” I get the following error:
“pq: operator does not exist: timestamp without time zone = character varying”


Have you tried a transform?

Why is the data type of a date configured as string?

I actually want to have a graph that in the query related to this graph, this column needs to be converted to date and time, also your image does not belong to Grafana version six. In Grafana version six, there is such a feature for displaying in table form.

I do not know:( I just have to create a dashboard with the said data source