Convert a blank in Filter of URL option into + instead of %20


i use the infinity PlugIn to connect to a sybase Database via odata. Basically, it works, I get data into grafana.

But when using a filter it doesn’t work:

I use the URL Option to set a URL Query Parameter :


in the resulting JSON it seems to be correct:
… “filters”: ,
“format”: “table”,
“global_query_id”: “”,
“refId”: “A”,
“root_selector”: “d.results”,
“source”: “url”,
“type”: “json”,
“url”: “”,
“url_options”: {
“data”: “”,
“method”: “GET”,
“params”: [
“key”: “filter”,
“value”: “MA_MachineID eq ‘7000’”

but the in the generated URL the blanks before and after eq are converted into + instead of %20:'7000'

but the + sign is not accepted by der ODataserver of Sybase !!!

Any idea for solving this problem

thank you for answers