Configure LDAP authentication by different AD Organizational Unit

Hi all

I have two OU in windows. I authentication with one of OU (domain user) is correct,
but another OU user can’t login this moment.

look the debug log just show “can’t find user in LDAP”

The ldap.toml config file below. How do I modify that I can achieve the goals.

Many thanks.

Search user bind dn

bind_dn = “cn=test04,ou=jd1,ou=jd,dc=wwjd,dc=com”

Search user bind password

If the password contains # or ; you have to wrap it with triple quotes. Ex “”“#password;”“”

bind_password = ‘****’

User search filter, for example “(cn=%s)” or “(sAMAccountName=%s)” or “(uid=%s)”

search_filter = “(cn=%s)”

An array of base dns to search through

search_base_dns = [“dc=wwjd,dc=com”]