Compiling on POWER/ppc64le loads of progress but a few problems

On POWER9 servers we can run all the popular enterprise Linux distros and many others plus IBM’s AIX (UNIX). Having plenty of spare capacity, I would like to run Grafana on POWER along with InfluxDB that I have compiled but, of course, they don’t run AMD64 binaries…
Tried yesterday to compile the latest Grafana on POWER and most of it worked.
This is on Ubuntu 18.04.02 for ppc64le.
The hints and tips included “use the latest go compile” - that fixed the “undefined: http.SameSite” problem, once I build the very latest go from the source.
Next, in I think the yarn phase, I hit problems with phantomjs reporting $DISPLAY connection errors when asked its version number

  • This frankly, bonkers package assumes X Windows is available - which is unlikely on a larger server machine, you don’t buy a million dollar machine and stuck a graphs screen on it! I replaced the binary with a bash script: echo 2.1.1
    That seemed to work and compiling continued but gets stuck (for hours, if you let it)
    [Webpack] + 3040 hidden modules
    [Webpack] WARNING in ./node_modules/systemjs/dist/system.src.js 3870:22-33
    [Webpack] Critical dependency: require function is used in a way in which dependencies cannot be statically extracted
    [Webpack] @ ./packages/grafana-runtime/src/utils/plugin.ts
    [Webpack] @ ./packages/grafana-runtime/src/index.ts
    [Webpack] @ ./public/app/core/config.ts
    [Webpack] @ ./public/app/app.ts
    [Webpack] @ ./public/app/index.ts

    Having Control-C out, I find the bulk of Grafana is there, starts and with some mucking about with grafana.ini etc. I can even login ok and create a simple template and graphs. Of course, this is in the development directories but a couple of things failed or confused the Grafana server.

Hopefully, 99% done.
Any hints would be good. Alternatively, an official image to download would be excellent :slight_smile:
Remote access to POWER machines can be arranged.
Cheers, Nigel
Blantant advert, I have developed a data collector njmon for AIX, VIOS and Linux (any HW with load of stats). These create JSON files and load in to InfluxDB very easily. My user base will want/demand Grafana on POWER.

Hi Nagger,
Can you please update the steps you followed to compile and package Grafana on ppc64le. I have the same requirement and running in to some issues.
Hope you can help

I found an excellent solution = let some one else do it :slight_smile:
The guys at Power-Devops have packages setup for Grafana 7.0.4 on ppc64le = POWER8 and POWER9
Red hat

  • RHEL7 and RHEL8


  • SELS 15

Point your browser here

Cheers, Nigel

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thx @nagger. I will try it out.