Cloud Test Not Running for Lengthy Script

Hi Team,

We are getting below warning and error message and then CLOUD test is not running. Could you please look into this issue? Additional details are below:

  1. Tet script is attached
  2. Script runs fine in local, but same script is failing in cloud, getting below warning and error message
  3. WARN[0000] The source for file:///C:/Users/NewTransaction_CompanyLevellogin.js needs to go through babel but is over 256000 bytes. For performance reasons source map support will be disabled for this particular file.
    ERRO[0010] (500) An unexpected error occurred

Is there is any restriction in script size to run in cloud? How to fix this issue?



Hi @huligesh.hanumanthap,

Can you please run k6 archive <script.js> and then tell us how big the resulting archive.tar is?

The warning you get should not be relevant to your use case, so don’t worry about it.

@mstoykov , ran k6 archive command and getting below info:
[0008] open archive.tar: Access is denied.

Could not find this file in downloads, k6 installation path.

I archived manually, file size is 1425KB


Hi @huligesh.hanumanthap,

Can you please try again now?

@mstoykov , now able to run lengthy script. Is there any limit on length of script which we need to keep in mind?

Is there any limit on length of script which we need to keep in mind?

It is some MB, I think 50, but also unlikely to be hit with just a script ;). And you will get 413 not 500 as a status code :wink:

This was a deficiency in a newly deployed version, that was having problems with larger files for some reason. It has now been fixed :tada:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi folks, I am getting an issue while running a test in the Kubernetes cluster. I am trying to create a custom extension for my test. It did run properly in my local but when I was trying to run in the container I got the below error.
I created an archive file and ran it from the archive.