Change outlier value in a Grafana queue

Hi all,

I’m monitoring a query data with timeseries on my Grafana dashboard. Due to my physical sensor sometimes the time series gives very off outlier values, which causes the timeseries visualization to show as a flatline with a very sharp blip. This is annoying, and I’m wondering if there is anyway to edit that outlier value out in my queue?


Welcome @lychee to the Grafana forum.

What is your datasource? Most datasources (SQL, Prometheus, InfluxDB, etc.) that have outlier values cannot be changed via Grafana’s UI. They have to be edited in your data directly.

However, Grafana does offer this:

You can play around with this graph by adjusting the Max field under Standard options

Thank you @grant2! My datasource is EPICS. I guess Grafana is read-only for these datasources?

Playing with max and min display does help. I also noticed in Transform data there are a few transforms that could be used for data processing. Is there a transform available in there that I can use for smoothing out my curve?