Change Grafana Theme Color

I would like to change the background color in Grafana v7.2.1 on Windows. I have read that editing the theme .css files can achieve this, however, I cannot find them. I have found the .scss files, but I do not know how to edit files of this type. Is it these files I am supposed to change? How do I change them? If not, what can I do to personalize the background color?

Firstly, you have not said what platform or what version of Grafana you are using so it’s going to be difficult for people to point you in the right direction.

If you don’t want to change system files you could try the Boom Theme plugin. It’s a bit old/clunky but it seems to still work with Grafana v7 and enables various things including custom CSS. I use it for some CSS tweaks on dashboards. You add a “hidden” boom theme panel to your dashboard. I think you have to do it on every panel though, not sure if there is a way to do changes globally.

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I would like to change the system files. How can I do this?

I suggest you let people know what platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) you are using…

I am using Windows 7

Any idea if this is still working in the latest version of Grafana? I get a weird “Panel plugin not found: yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel” - which makes no sense since I couldn’t have chosen the panel type without it being present.
Haaving said that I had the same issue with the dynamic text module in the previous version of Grafana and they fixed that in a subsequent release.

Better still, does anyone know how to diagnose these problems? I don’t know where to start digging.

Weirder still. The error was transitory. It just suddenly stopped appearing and the plugin now seems to work.

Hi @alwaysconfused @imurphy

You can check the following post as it has multiple solutions available.

If you do not find the solution there then recommend just posting there as the thread is still active and the community users will reach out to you :slight_smile: